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What's New!

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What's new in the Defense Force!

The Defense Force Grows!
The Defense Force is growing, and as such must evolve to accomodate it's members. We are announcing the formation of three new divisions, the Defense Force Kheldian Division, the Defense Force Justice Guard, and the Dark Defense Force. All divisions are able to communicate via coalition chat. Please contact a Captian or leader for more details.

New Defense Force Slide Show Movie Planned!
An updated version of the Defense Force movie is being planned. Please send in your favorite screen shot of your Defense Force charactars. We will start working on the movie when we have enough screen shots from members.

Send In Your Screen Shots For the "Members Gallery"!
If you would like a link from your name in the "Members Gallery" to a picture of your toon, and maybe a bio as well, send them to one of the leaders for posting.

New Defense Force Uniform!
The DF has a new uniform out! Although it is not mandatory to purchase a DF uniform, it's encouraged to show our unity. Besides, it looks pretty cool when alot of us are together. If you'd like to get one, get with DragonFir on the specs. If you find yourself alittle short on influence to purchase your uniform, get with Jorgee or Marie M'Coth, they'll help you out. Thanks to DragonFir for the design!

The New Uniform!
DragonFir, Jorgee, and Articluminosity in uniform.

Submit any news articles you'd like posted to a captian or leader for publishing.